The half pipe fenced off ready for work on renovation

The Olympic size half pipe on the Norton/Malton skate park in Norton Road has fallen into disrepair. Norton Town Council agreed that the project to restore it should be handled through MNAP. There has been tremendous local and national support for the project. Many skilled volunteers have come forward to carry out work and to provide qualified supervision and advice. Local and national businesses have committed support in cash and materials. Phase 1 has been completed, with the old plywood and Skatelite surface removed. The steel framework has been inspected and found to be in sound condition.

A proposal has been prepared for the second and final phase of the project. Phase 2 will see volunteers prepare the steel framework and paint it to resist further corrosion and extend the life of the half pipe. That will be followed by installation of a new plywood base and a Skatelite skating surface by professional installers, A1 Ramps. Finally, the outside of the ramp will be clad to prevent access to the interior of the structure and to prevent climbing. Amazingly, although phase 2 will restore the half pipe to being fully functional, the commitment and generosity of volunteers and sponsors mean that there will be no cost to either Norton Town Council or MNAP. This is a tribute to the enthusiasm and commitment of the local community.

The proposal was considered by Norton Town Council at its monthly meeting on Monday 19 July, but the council refused to approve it, citing health and safety considerations, and questions of councillor liability.

The proposal has been extended with a substantial amount of supplementary information, including extensive evidence demonstrating that the health and safety issues have been fully addressed and that councillor liability is extremely unlikely.

Norton Town Council is now proposing that MNAP form a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) so that the skatepark can be handed over to the CIO. It is considering this at an extraordinary meeting to be held at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 18 August at the Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre, Bowling Lane, Scarborough Road, Norton. Members of the public are entitled to attend. You can find the agenda here.

If you would like to follow what happens with the project, the Rescue the Ramp team has established a web site and a mailing list. You can sign up to the "Rescue the Ramp" mailing list here.