Friends of Lady Spring Wood

We would be grateful for the support of people who have an interest in Lady Spring Wood, its maintenance, development and support. The group was first started in August 2020 by the Malton & Norton Partnership. We welcome people who have ideas for future developments, are interested in the local flora and fauna, are willing to help maintain the area, or are simply interested in it.

To implement the friends group, we have created a mailing list. To join the Friends of Lady Spring Wood list, please send an email to There is no need for a subject or any message. In reply, you will receive an email asking you to confirm that you would like to join. Usually you can simply reply without adding any extra information. You should then receive confirmation that you have joined the list. The confirmation will also explain how you can leave the list should you wish to. Once you are on the list, we will send you emails about the Friends of Lady Spring Wood. We will not use your email address for any purpose except to keep you informed about Friends of LSW.

In case of difficulty, please contact us.